German Paratroopers Vol.II: Helmets, Equipment and Weapons

German Paratroopers Vol.II: Helmets, Equipment and Weapons

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In the 368 pages of this second of the projected three volumes of German Paratroopers – Uniforms and Equipment 1936-1945 the author, Karl Veltze, not only takes a very detailed look at the Fallschirmjäger helmets – more than a third of this volume is dedicated to them – , but also deals with the paratroopers’ special equipment (gasmask bags, hand grenade bags, ammunition bandoleers, medic equipment). The standard field equipment is covered next, followed by a chapter devoted to the individual and crew-served weapons utilised by the German airborne forces; among these are both versions of the special FG 42 paratrooper rifle. The parachutes used by the German paras are examined on 40 pages, while the last chapter looks at their drop containers.
This volume follows the development of the many pieces of equipment used by the German paratroopers from the early days to the last days of the Third Reich, describing in great detail the characteristics of the various models.
Six years of research and collaboration with some of the most important Fallschirmjäger collections have gone into these volumes so far. Collectors and military enthusiasts will be able to study some of the rarest original pieces and find a lot of interesting and new information in these pages. Hundreds of period photos accompany the full-colour photographs of the various items, more than 150 of them never published before, showing helmets, equipment and weapons in wear.

Book Data
Author: Karl Veltze
Language: English
No of Pages: 368
No of Photos: Approx. 1000s colour and b&w photos
Physical: Hardcover with dust jacket, 305x230mm, portrait